LMU & Munich

Research, teach or study in Munich, in the heart of Europe! Munich is one of the major seats of knowledge and learning in Germany and one of Europe's foremost centers for research and education, technology and the media.

Make discoveries in a beautiful setting

Munich is a wonderful hub when it comes to exploring the rest of Europe.


Munich is the capital of Bavaria, located in the southeast of Germany, right in the heart of Europe. Home to approximately 1.5 million people, Munich is one of the world’s most friendly and vibrant cities.

It is blessed with cultural gems such as its renowned museums and galleries, theater and festivals, opera, ballet and music, including the world-class Bavarian State Opera and Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, and of course, the world famous Oktoberfest! Munich is also an ideal jump-off point from which to explore other areas of Europe.

Its proximity to the Bavarian Alps and the mountain lakes, castles, and leisure activities in the surrounding countryside add to Munich’s uniqueness. It is indeed a city like no other!

Munich’s official website provides a comprehensive and detailed introduction to sights, attractions and events, as well as extensive information about guided tours, accommodation, and travel - you can choose from six different languages at: https://www.muenchen.de/int

A center of study and research

LMU forms an integral part of the exceptionally broad-based network of research institutions, universities, foundations, and corporations based in Munich. As a major center for technology, cultural institutions and the media, Munich possesses an ideal range of infrastructure for study and research.

LMU is closely intertwined with the city's other research institutions, including the Technische Universitaet Muenchen, the Max Planck Societyand the Fraunhofer Society, with global enterprises, a vibrant start-up scene and prestigious libraries and museums.

The greater Munich area is a hub of innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit. The university works closely with leading German businesses and liaises with many key manufacturers, such as Audi, and numerous banks and insurance companies, such as Munich Re.

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