9-Euro-Ticket: Fees for the winter semester are set

23 May 2022

As announced by the Munich Student Union, due to the introduction of the 9-Euro-Ticket decided by the Bundestag and Bundesrat, the fees for the semester ticket will be reduced for one time for the winter semester 2022/23.

Personen warten an der U-Bahn Haltestelle der LMU.


For the coming winter semester, the so-called solidarity fee for the semester ticket will be reduced for one time. This has now been announced by the Munich Student Union. The solidarity contribution is part of the contributions to the Studentenwerk that are due each semester for students at LMU. The amount of the reduced solidarity contribution is 63.00 euros, while the basic contribution remains unchanged at 75.00 euros.

Students who wish to remain enrolled at LMU Munich in the winter semester of 2022/23 can re-register immediately by transferring the full contribution of 138.00 euros.

Students can view the status of their re-registration in their user account.

For more information on the 9-Euro-Ticket and the Semesterticket, please visit the website of the Munich Student Union.

If you have any questions regarding re-registration at LMU, the Student Information Service is available by phone at 089-2180 9000.

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