The last step before the studies

11 Sept 2023

Don't forget: Until September 20, the enrollment for admission-free study programs for the winter semester 2023/24 is still open. To ensure that nothing goes wrong on the home stretch, LMU has compiled the most important links and information.

It's been a while since you graduated from high school, the application deadlines have passed, but suddenly everything happens very quickly. Because when the letter of admission to the dream study program flutters into your door, the next step on the way to the new chapter in your life as a student is about to begin: enrollment.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly during enrollment and that the start at LMU goes off without a hitch, it is important to avoid typical mistakes.

Students in the LMU main building

Mistake #1: Missed deadlines

Around 9,000 students start their studies at LMU every winter semester. In order to streamline the enrollment process, the enrollment deadlines are staggered. When is the right time to submit your documents to the Office of the University Registrar depends on the admission requirements of the desired degree program.

If you have applied to a degree program with restricted admission, you will find the deadline on your notice of admission. For non-admission-restricted programs, those that do not require an application, prospective students can enroll from 3 August to 20 September.

Further deadlines for international students or applications to higher semesters can be found at the registration deadlines.

Mistake #2: Forgotten documents

The first step in enrollment is always an online form to record all important personal data. Once filled out, it must be printed out, signed, and sent by mail to the Office of the University Registrar with the rest of the enrollment documents. It is not only important to make sure that the documents are really complete. A common mistake that can become an obstacle to enrollment: Documents are not sent in the required form. It is not enough to send in a normal copy or a copy of the certified copy instead of a certified copy.

You can find exactly which documents are required at the registration steps and important documents.

Error #3: Information on the proof of health insurance does not match

The proof of health insurance is also part of the enrollment documents, but it deserves its own mention because it must be requested from the health insurance company and is then sent directly to LMU. It is important to note that the information on the insurance certificate must be exactly correct in order for the digital matching to work. If, for example, the spelling of double names does not match (for example, because the hyphen is missing) or the health insurance company does not receive the exact information "LMU München" but only "Universität München", problems can arise. It is best to apply for the insurance certificate before the online enrollment application and request it explicitly for studies at LMU Munich.

Further information on proof of health insurance

Error #4: Your first email as a student lands in the spam folder

Did everything right during enrollment? Great! But even after enrollment, there are still a few things to do. What exactly these are is written in the first e-mail you receive from LMU as a student. For example, you need to apply for your student ID, the LMUcard, and transfer the semester fees. If you forget to do this, the university may cancel your enrollment. So be sure and check the spam folder of your inbox regularly after enrollment.

Thought of everything?

You can find all detailed information about deadlines, documents and the enrollment process on the pages of the Office of the University Registrar or in the explanatory video on enrollment:

Registration deadlines

Enrollment for prospective international students

International applicants (including applicants for the Studienkolleg with non-German citizenship) who have received a notice of admission from the International Office must also register there by the deadline stated on the notice of admission.

Further information on registration at the International Office

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