E-Mail services for employees

All LMU employees receive an email address in the format <name>@lmu.de with a Microsoft Exchange mailbox at the Leibniz Computing Centre and a standard quota of 3GB.

How can I use this service?

  • This e-mail service will be rolled out across the board for all employees from the end of July 2023. The service may be made available at different times depending on the institution.
  • All new employees can make the email settings when activating their LMU user ID.
  • The e-mail function can then be configured in the LMU user account under "E-mail settings".
  • In the e-mail settings in the LMU user account, you can choose whether you want to forward incoming e-mails to the @lmu.de e-mail address and/or also to the Exchange mailbox.
  • If another e-mail address is linked to your LRZ Exchange mailbox, you can specify your main e-mail address in the LRZ IDM portal (i.e. the address at which e-mails are sent).
  • Please note that forwarding business e-mails to private e-mail accounts is not permitted due to data protection regulations.
  • The URL for the web interface (Outlook Webaccess) is https://xmail.mwn.de

Help & Support

  • The LRZ offers extensive information on the use of the e-mail service at: https://doku.lrz.de/exchange-dienst-4539427.html
  • Quota increases can be requested from the IT service desk. Please note that this may involve costs for your institution.
  • If you are currently using a different LMU e-mail account, we strongly recommend that you first consult with your responsible IT service group. Your institution may have specific regulations regarding e-mails that must be observed.

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