E-mail service for students

A mailbox with 0.5 GB of storage space is available to all students for the duration of their studies.

E-Mail address

The address for students is made up as follows:

[LMU user ID]@campus.lmu.de

How can I use this service?


To access a webmail interface, please visit the LMU-Portal and click on "Mailbox".

You also can use your mail client (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) to access your mail.

Are you having problems receiving emails to your @campus.lmu.de address?

  • Please switch off the forwarding first by removing the existing email entry.
    To do this, log into the LMU portal and go to User account -> E-mail settings -> Change e-mail forwarding. The mail system in the LMU portal cannot sometimes load mails or attachments due to the current security configuration. In this case, try uploading and downloading via the LRZ webmail service.
  • The user name is your LRZ ID (you can find this in the LMU portal in your user account (Benutzerkonto) overview). The password is the same as in the LMU portal.

How can I set up my email client for my LMU mailbox?

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