WiFi / Eduroam

In cooperation with the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ), the LMU provides you with free WiFi.

WiFi use of the Internet via Eduroam

You need a LMU user ID (LMU-Benutzerkennung). To log in, use your LRZ ID (e.g. ri42min) or your LMU email address (e.g. student@campus.lmu.de or mitarbeiter@lmu.de).

Outside of the Munich Science Network (MWN), "@eduroam.mwn.de" must also be added (e.g. ri42min@eduroam.mwn.de).

Configuration profiles of the LRZ (in German)

Instructions for the VPN client

On-site WiFi support

  • We will help you face-to-face with the WiFi setup on your device.
  • On-site WiFi support is only available in the IT service desk office (Room 2016 in Leopoldstr. 13). Please arrange a WiFi support appointment.
  • Beyond that, we cannot provide any help (other PC problems, etc.).
  • We assume no liability for any damage to your device.

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