LMU Portal

In the LMU portal you can manage your LMU user ID. You can change your password and set up other settings such as mail forwarding. It also offers direct access to your mailbox.

The LMU portal for students and employees

LMU portal home page

The LMU portal home page is a customizable area with many options and web services.

The content you see on the portal home page varies. It depends on what status you have and what content you deliberately show or hide.

How do I register on the LMU portal?

  • Link: https://www.portal.lmu.de
  • Username: LMU user ID WITHOUT "@campus.lmu.de" (students) or @lmu.de (employees)
  • Password: Password of the LMU user ID

Access for medical faculty staff

All employees who have an identifier "@med.lmu.de" have to

Mailbox for students

Only LMU students have access to a mailbox here.

Employees do not have a "real" mailbox, but only a forwarding, e.g. to the faculty. It is therefore not possible to log in to the mailbox with an "@lmu.de" address.

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