LMU user account

In the LMU user account, LMU members manage the services that are linked to the LMU user ID.

Access to the LMU user account

You can access the LMU user account at www.portal.lmu.de/benutzerkonto

Functions in the LMU user account

  • The following services are available in your LMU user account:Information on the LMU user ID (linked LRZ user name, validity, etc.).
  • Password change and storage of a security question
  • Information and ordering options for the LMUcard
  • Information and access to the university elections
  • Configuration of the e-mail service "LMU-Infodienst" for information about the LMU
  • Information and option to activate specific IT services (e.g. Confluence, LMU Chat, Microsoft 365, etc.)

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