LMU User ID (LMU Benutzerkennung)

Each LMU member has their own LMU user ID and email address.


Each member of the LMU receives their own e-mail address via the LMU user ID. A mailbox is also provided for students at the LRZ.

The LMU user ID is also used to access many systems at the LMU, e.g. in many degree programs for course registering, the online services of the student office, the LMU portal and many other central IT offers.

With the LMU user ID, you can also use the PCs in the university’s CIP pools as well as the LMU wifi and eduroam worldwide.

Initial registration

In the LMU portal you can find out how to start the initial registration.

There you will find instructions for

  • Students
  • Staff members, freelance and private lecturers
  • Staff members of the Munich University Hospital

How to get a LMU user ID?

With your enrollment, you will receive the welcome letter from the IT service desk, which already contains all the information you need to register your user account (temporary user ID, temporary password). Simply follow the steps on the form to activate your user account. If you do not (or no longer) have this information, please contact the LMU IT service desk to activate your user account.

Please contact the LMU IT service desk to request the necessary documents to activate your ID. These will be sent to you in electronic or printed form.

Prerequisite for obtaining an LMU user ID is an existing ID in the clinics’ directory service.

In order to allow your data to be transmitted to us, you must release them for transmission under the hospital's IT portal (in German).

About 30 minutes after your data has been released, you can activate your user ID via the LMU portal (in German) by completing the so-called initial registration.

Please use the user name of your user account at the clinic as a temporary start ID, supplemented by "@med.lmu.de", e.g. "mustermann@med.lmu.de".

The so-called "external password" of the same account serves as a temporary password. If you do not (any longer) know this password, you can have it reset via the IT portal of the hospital.

Doctoral candidates (enrolled and unenrolled) and private lecturers who teach over a longer period of time can also receive an LMU user ID. This requires confirmation from your institute of your activity (doctoral studies or teaching), which you can send to us using the Application for LMU user ID form (in German) (PDF, 134 KB).

In order to renew an LMU user ID, an association with the LMU is mandatory. You can have this association confirmed using the Application for LMU user ID extension (in German) (PDF, 134 KB) form.

The warning time to deactivate the LMU user ID is 3 months, which should give enough time to establish a new email address.

Forgot password?

Students, senior and visiting students

If you have defined a password question or set up a forwarding address, please contact the LMU IT service desk. If this is not the case, please contact the IT service desk (appointment booking) personally.

  • You are required to bring both student and photo ID with you.
  • If you are unable to attend, you can send an authorized representative.


If you have defined a password question, please contact the LMU IT service desk. You also have the option of directly requesting a new password.

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