LRZ Sync+Share

LRZ Sync+Share is a cloud storage service that enables you to store private files on servers with access protection and to synchronize them with multiple end devices or to share them with other people.


This service is comparable to other providers you may be familiar with, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc. The difference is that the servers used by commercially oriented companies to store your data are not necessarily located in Germany and are therefore not subject to the regulations applicable in Germany - especially with regard to data protection.

But please note:

Communication with the servers of the LRZ is encrypted, but the files on the servers and possibly also on the synchronized devices are stored unencrypted.

For data that is particularly deserving protection (e.g. sensitive personal data), additional encryption and, if necessary, consultation with the data protection officer is necessary.

How do I register with LRZ Sync+Share?

LMU students and employees with an activated LMU user ID can use this service. Holders of an ID use their LRZ ID to log in.

For holders of an ID: How do I find out my LRZ ID?

  • Log in to the LMU portal.
  • Choose the menu item „Benutzerkonto“ in the upper right area.
  • You can find your LRZ ID directly in the upper section above the tiles.

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