LSF course catalog

In the LSF online course catalog you will find all current lectures at the LMU as well as associated persons such as lecturers, supervisors, etc.


Online List of lectures and people

The course catalog can be viewed by anyone. A login is not necessary.

Here you will find annotated LMU course catalogs from the last semesters as PDFs (in German).

Students: Personal timetable and booking functions

LSF offers students the opportunity to register for courses, create a personal timetable and register for or deregister from exams. This offer is aimed exclusively at LMU students with an activated LMU user ID.

Lecturers: event management, entry of grades, etc.

Lecturers can manage their courses and their participants there, distribute materials securely and enter exam grades.

Registration in the online course catalogue LSF

  • Link:
  • Username: LMU user ID WITHOUT ""
  • Password: Password of the LMU user ID

If you have several roles/tasks at the LMU, you can change them after logging in by clicking on the role displayed.

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