At LMU exist several instances of the online learning platform Moodle. They make it possible to retrieve materials for lectures, work together in teams online, set up and visit virtual lecture halls.


Online learning platform

This offer is aimed exclusively at LMU students.


Students need an activated LMU user ID. Access to the individual instances depends on the affiliation to the respective faculty or institution.

For example, all medical students who have access to MeCuM also have access to MeCuM-Moodle.

Lecturers: event management, entry of grades, etc.

In order to gain access to Moodle as a teacher, you need an activated LMU user ID with the appropriate permissions. If in doubt, please contact eLab Moodle.

Authentication via Shibboleth

  • Link:
    The link to Shibboleth can be found in the main area at the top right: "Login mit LMU-Benutzerkennung".
  • Username: LMU user ID WITH ""
  • Password: Password of the LMU user ID

No link can be given for Shibboleth itself, as this is a central authentication service that is responsible for various Moodle instances.

In order for authentication to take place, it is important that you always use the Moodle login page and NOT bookmark the Shibboleth page. In this case, Shibboleth would not know which service to redirect you to.

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