OnlineTED education

OnlineTED is a leading provider of web-based voting systems (audience response systems) in Germany. With the new service, teachers can integrate live voting and multi-day voting (OnlineTED Homework®) into their (digital) courses, enabling active interaction with students.

Functions and use

The service is optimized for use with streaming platforms such as Zoom or MS Teams. The offer is also compatible with all major operating systems (Mac OS, Windows and Linux) and requires no software installation. Here you get to the OnlineTED platform.

OnlineTED enables

  • Digital votes and votes in real time
  • Multi-day votes (OnlineTED Homework®)
  • Online tool for joint brainstorming

The voting questions are created and managed online. Image, sound and video material can be added to the questions created and you can choose between open or closed answer options.

Voting takes place via the participants' own internet devices and web browsers.


When registering with an LMU email address, teachers will automatically be assigned the campus license and an OnlineTED account will be upgraded to Education Professional. This allows voting with up to 600 participants and an unlimited number of TED questions that you can create.

OnlineTED Education may only be used within the framework of non-commercial courses. Fee-based meetings, conferences and congresses as well as fee-based courses and advanced training events are not included. Please request an OnlineTED business event license for this:

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