Students (Division III)


The Division of Student Affairs provides general services for prospective and registered students of LMU. We are also responsible for measures that strengthen the University's international character and contact network, the organization and implementation of elections in the context of academic self-government, and the supervision of State Board Examinations for the teaching and medical professions (Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine). The Division is not empowered to intervene in issues relating to the organization of study programs, teaching or examinations, for which responsibility rests with the individual Faculties.

Our primary mission is to be of service to prospective and registered students. In such a large and highly diverse University, with a student body of approximately 51,000, provision of our services requires the frequent use of electronic communication and data processing as well as in-person advisory service. We strive to be as accommodating, fair-minded and extensive as possible in our interactions with all of the students who consult us.

Our specialized and highly motivated personnel are equipped to deal with a wide range of practical issues relating to university studies — choosing programs, applying for a place, registration formalities, switching subjects, studying abroad, financial matters, aids for students with conspicuous or inconspicuous disabilities, coping with the challenges of raising children while studying, and successfully negotiating the transition to professional life. But we are also adaptable. We are ready and able to assess situations from the point of view of the students who come to us, and who expect a high standard of competence from the administrative staff of an internationally renowned university.


Dr. Andrea Stiebritz (Head)

Christiane Mateus Brinck (Deputy Head)


For more information, see the Service Portal (password protected)

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Our services cover:

Members of LMU's staff will find more specific descriptions of the services we offer, together with all relevant forms and contact details, on the Service Portal.

Addresses, opening hours and contact persons of the most important institutions related to studying are available on LMU's website.

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