Career paths outside academia

LMU takes the provision of comprehensive support services to junior academics seriously. We won't only help you with your career in academia but also with your career outside of it too — whether in business, society or culture.

The options open to you for a career in industry and society

Career counseling

As you embark on your career path, a number of questions can arise. What future perpective do I have? What about career planning? Do I have the right competences? Will I perform well in an interview? Let us help you.

University-related startups (spin-offs)

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Qualification and personal development

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Call for applications: LMU Innovation Incubator

Benefit from our LMU Innovation Icubator, the exclusive stage startup program to create ideas that will have an impact.

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Support with job applications

We help LMU doctoral candidates, in particular, with completing their applications and compiling the perfect resume.

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