A career in business — but how?

Whether you are specifically looking for a job in business or beyond, you want to explore alternatives to a university career early on, or are still undecided — you can find information on possible careers outside of academia here.

The doctorate — a core qualification for the labor market

In Germany, only about 15 percent of all doctoral graduates are employed at universities; and about half leave academia immediately following their doctorate. Attractive positions are available in all areas — from business and industry to insurance and banking, politics (political consulting) and non-governmental organizations, health care and public administration, educational institutions and training providers, the media sector and cultural institutions.

Doctoral graduates bring with them competences that are in high demand in the non-academic job market: In addition to their ability to work in detail on a complex subject, they have demonstrated personal responsibility, perseverance and the ability to find solutions. They have learned to present complex issues in a clear and comprehensible manner and have suitable presentation and visualization techniques. In addition, working in mixed and often international teams, has trained their communication and cooperation skills. In some cases, initial leadership experience can also be demonstrated, e.g. in supervising student assistants and later in the postdoc phase of doctoral candidates.

Career options outside of academia

Career advice for postdocs (restricted access)

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It's important to understand what's on offer in the world outside academia, as well as know your own strengths and priorities, in order to make a successful transition to the business world. At LMU, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your personal strengths, work experience, and development goals in one of our career advice sessions. This should help you to decide whether you would like to pursue a career path outside of academia and what the next steps might be.

LMU qualification opportunities

Qualification and personal development

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LMU also supports you when it comes to building your career-relevant competences by offering a versatile range of qualification and developmental opportunities. In doing so, we also focus on areas of development that can be relevant for careers outside of academia: Competences in communication and cooperation, but also leadership and management as well self-management and career planning.


With a promising business idea, the dream of owning your own company can become a reality. Good preparation is crucial for a start-up — from that first business plan to financing.

With a comprehensive range of services, — from events and workshops to specific practical training, start-up advice and support in obtaining funding — LMU promotes entrepreneurial thinking and doing among its young academics.

Moments of Choice - The entrepreneur

Katrin Schmidthals - entrepreneur

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