Academic staff

A career in academia can open many exciting doors to your future.

Career opportunities for academic staff

Career advice for postdocs (restricted access)

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In addition to the large number of academic positions which are often filled on a temporary basis by academics in their qualification phase, there has been a growth in permanent positions directly in research, its infrastructures and teaching. Examples can be found in the management of larger technical equipment centers (core facilities) or animal experimental facilities, in the management of large research projects and long-term studies, in coordination of degree programs and student counseling, as well as in research museums, archives, and academic collections.

At LMU, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your competencies and development goals in our career advice sessions. This will help you decide whether you want to pursue a certain career path or not.

Subject-related and methodological qualification

Qualification and personal development

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LMU also supports you when it comes to building your career-relevant competences by offering a versatile range of qualification and developmental opportunities. In doing so, we concentrate on all areas of your development; not just subject-related qualifications: These range from didactic skills, communication and cooperation competences, through leadership and people management, to self-management and career development.

Scientists can find subject-specific information on career-relevant topics on the websites of the faculties, collaborative research projects, and doctoral programs.

LMU academics can find access-protected detailed descriptions of our services in the Service Portal. These include names of current contact people and the relevant application forms.

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