Management of academic affairs

An interesting alternative to a career as an academic is a job in the management of academic affairs. A variety of new positions have arisen in this area that straddles academia and administration. These positions require communication skills, organizational talent, creativity, and a close connection to ongoing research activities.

In recent years, increasing competitive pressure and differentiation of tasks within the academic system have led to the creation of a new path alongside the traditional fields of academia and administration.

As the interface between academia and administration, academic managers make a significant contribution to improving research and teaching conditions. With their understanding of both "worlds" and their communication and organizational skills, they ensure optimal working conditions for academics and are very important for the success of an academic organization.

Possible job titles: Faculty Executive, Project Manager, Research Manager, University Didactics Manager, Public Relations / Press Office Manager, University Development Manager, Research Strategy Manager, Manager in the Vice Presidential / Presidential / Dean's Office, Manager in Academic Further Education, etc.

Moments of choice - The science manager

Arielle Helmick - science manager

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