The "WeCare@LMU" initiative supports students and employees to cope with crisis situations as well as psychological and personal challenges.

About the initiative

The „WeCare@LMU“ initiative was launched by Professor Francesca Biagini, Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity and aims to provide support for students and employees at LMU. The initiative comprises counselling services as well as information and events on various topics relating to wellbeing as well as psychological and personal challenges.

The website "WeCare@LMU" provides detailed information on further counselling services and events in WeCare@LMU - German.
Numerous faculties, institutions, and service points at LMU have contributed to provide services for international students and employees. Thank you to all participants!

Online lectures in the summer term 2024

Online lectures for LMU members only in collaboration with our partner pme Familienservice GmbH:

Services and events

Numerous faculties, institutions and service points at the LMU have contributed to the provision of services for international students and employees. These services include confidential counselling, events and support in financial emergencies. Thank you to all involved!

Self-help tools, psychotherapy and crisis support

Online resources and contact points offer specialised help for mental health symptoms and crisis situations.

Offers and contact points
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Mental crises

Life crises

Campus emergency contact numbers

Important emergency information

  • Who are you?
    Provide your name
  • Where is the dangerous situation?
    LMU, building address, floor, phone number.
  • Why are you calling?
    What type of danger are you or others in?
  • How many?
    How many people are immediately at risk and where are they exactly?

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