Support services for students

The challenges we face today demand immense creativity, energy and a willingness to change. A colorful bouquet of advisory services and events is available, focused on the key issues of workload balance, barrier-free access and physical and mental health.

Advisory services

Advisory services Numerous advisory services and points of contact are on hand to give students support if they experience problems. Possible reasons for needing advice could include stress and overwork, conflicts in the study context, personal crisis situations and/or mental illness. Female students can also approach the University Women’s Officer,

from whom help is available in the form of advice, facilitating contacts, mentoring, exam preparation and a host of other measures.

Advice for students with disabilities and chronic conditions on the subjects of choosing courses and admission procedures, organizing issues such as leaves of absence and extended study periods, overcoming challenges during everyday student life and compensation for disadvantages.

Advice for parents, pregnant women and fathers-to-be who are studying, and for students in the family planning phase.

External self-help groups and services to help with psychological stress

  • Online self-help group for students run by Campus for Change e.V
    Campus for Change e.V., an online-self-help group for students, can provide help in response to psychological stress during or outside the realms of academic studies. For more information, please visit the group’s website or its Instagram channel.
  • Horizont e.V. (Horizon)
    Additional services to counteract feelings of loneliness and isolation are available from Horizonte e.V., an organization for people with depression. Its services are open to everyone who needs encouragement, good advice or to take their mind off things. Details of current projects are published on the organization‘s website , including projects specially for international students.

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