19 Feb

Career Service: Future Work Trends

Opening hours / Beginning:

4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

19 February 2024


Hansa Haus München Brienner Straße 39 80333 München

"Future of Work - How the topic of (generative) AI will challenge us now and in the future and how we can learn to deal with it in order to make use of it"

Everyone is talking about AI, generative AI (GenAI). The education system does not yet know how to regulate it, companies want to use it in a targeted manner and some people are asking themselves: "What does one need to know, what else is there to learn?". As an active member of the society, as future employees and teachers, the participants of this seminar can prepare themselves for these complex questions and the unknown.

  • What should one already know and what can be learned?
  • Which gadgets can be used where and how, and are they being used by companies?
  • What unknowns are there to deal with?
  • What contribution can be made to society?

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