“It’s always a buzz when a new semester begins“

10 Oct 2022

Preparations are underway for a new semester at LMU. A look behind the scenes reveals many reasons to be glad.

Shortly before the winter semester begins, we asked people at LMU: What are you looking forward to?

The team of the O-Phase

The orientation team at the Department of Economics and the Munich School of Management at LMU helps freshers get started in university life. Always with them: their icon, a safety buoy.

Mirjam Eisermann, Central Student Advisory Office

Excited about the influx of fresh faces: Mirjam Eisermann, Central Student Advisory Office | © privat

“As an academic student advisor in the Central Student Advisory Office (ZSB), I’m particularly glad to be able to interact with students in person again. After the long online period, it’s so refreshing that we can hold workshops and events on site. You see, the dialog fostered by in-person teaching facilitates more extended exchange and engagement – and not just between me and the students, but also between the students themselves.

The team here at ZSB is excited about the influx of fresh faces who will be joining us at LMU for the winter semester and hopes to greet many freshers at our ZSB booth at the official welcome event for first year students on October 17. The services we offer at the Central Student Advisory Office go far beyond advising students on what courses to take: we support students throughout their time at the university and give guidance on a whole range of issues, such as study organization and adjusting to university life, study-life balance, exam stress, time management, doubts about study choices, and other difficulties students may face.”
Mirjam Eisermann, Central Student Advisory Office (ZSB)

Spyridon Tsolas

Glad that the students are back: Spyridon Tsolas | © LMU

“When new students arrive at the university for the winter semester, their first port of call is the small assembly hall. This is where matriculation takes place and essential information is handed out. At the moment, we’re preparing everything – getting the tables and chairs ready etc. Then our job is done and the semester can begin. I can’t say it’s particularly stressful, as it’s routine for me by now. Every day, we open up the lecture halls and are glad that the students are back. It was all a bit quiet during the summer break. I’ve been here now for 20 years, and I still feel a tingle of anticipation.”
Spyridon Tsolas, Caretaker for Development Campus / Veterinary Medicine Area

A different rhythm

Susanne Brandt

Works at the Großhadern/Martinsried campus “where the work never stops“ | © privat

“Here at the Großhadern/Martinsried campus, the rhythms of university life are actually a bit different on account of our life science faculties. Many events are held during the interval between semesters – internships, for example, but also exams and repeat exams. Furthermore, there are a lot of research buildings, where the work never stops. As such, there is not really any “free” or “quiet” period here between semesters. In any case, we’re looking forward to seeing all the new faces when the winter semester begins.”

Susanne Brandt, Head of Unit IV.6, Infrastructural Facility Management Großhadern/Martinsried

Unexpected stories

Prof. Max Oidtmann

Newly appointed to LMU: Prof. Max Oidtmann | © LMU

“I will be on a sabbatical from teaching, during which time I'm looking forward to finishing the research for my current book project.

I will be reading all sorts of archival documents from Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and the Chinese government concerning the resolution of local legal conflicts. Archival documents always contain all sorts of unexpected stories and details, so I'm curious to see what I'll find.”

Max Oidtmann, Professor of Chinese History, Institute for Sinology at LMU

Helping freshers make the best possible start to student life

Helps freshers make new friends and acquaintances: Benedikt Reitinger | © LMU

“From basic knowledge about the uni to drawing up study plans to the no less important matter of getting to know one’s fellow students – our goal is to help freshers make the best possible start to student life. We try to demystify this new phase in the lives of freshers and seek to put ourselves in their shoes. With this empathy, we try to assuage their worries and doubts.

For us, it’s always a buzz when a new semester begins – and we get a rush of adrenaline when freshers start joining the WhatsApp groups. We’re also excited every time about holding the introductory talks, having a meal together, and making new contacts during ice-breaker games. We love meeting new people and helping freshers make new friends and acquaintances. The biggest reward after the orientation phase is looking into the grateful faces of the ‘newbies.’”

Benedikt Reitinger, himself a ‘freshman’ in the master’s degree in Human Resource Education & Management, has been working in the orientation team for the past two years and is currently active in the Assistance task group.

Discussions with students

Dr. Katrin Bayerle

Katrin Bayerle discusses legal cases with her students.

“I’m particularly looking forward to the personal interaction with students during case discussions. In this way, I can get a direct response to my lessons and have conversations with students.”

Dr. Katrin Bayerle, Faculty of Law

‘Excuse me, where is…?’

Didi the Fruit Stand Man

His fruit stand is located near Geschwister-Scholl-Platz Campus: Didi | © LMU

“As a businessman, it’s only natural that I’d be eagerly awaiting the new semester, as more students means more business. But I also look forward to the moment when clumsy freshers pass by the stand not knowing where they’re going. It’s so cute when they come up to me and say: ‘Excuse me, where is…?’ But after a few weeks, they’re all independent and know their way around. I always look forward to a new semester – there’s just more life in the place. Although I do feel like a signpost sometimes: Where’s the nearest copy shop? Where can I buy cigarettes? Where’s the pharmacist? – I get asked everything.”

Didi the Fruit Stand Man

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