Welcome event for first-year students 2021

Join the virtual reception together with your fellow first-year students, and get off to a good start to your first semester.

The welcome event for first-year students 2021 on YouTube

Bild der Graßfläche vor dem LMU Hauptgebäude auf der Studierende sitzen und das Wetter genießen.

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240 Min. | 12 Jul 2021

Welcome to LMU!

Join the virtual reception together with your fellow students, and get off to a good start to your first Winter Semester.

The welcoming event for first-year students on 18 October will feature live music streamed from Munich’s well-known Harry Klein Club. At 6 p.m., LMU President Bernd Huber will welcome all new students.

To facilitate your passage into university life, all the information and contact details needed for a successful start to your student career can be found on this page.

We wish you every success in your studies!


Karlo Kurbel

Lena Brysch


0:00:00 – Semester start with live music from the Harry Klein Club

01:00:00 – Virtual tour of LMU's Main Building

– Prof. Dr. Bernd Huber (President of LMU Munich) welcomes all new students

– Interview with Prof. Dr. Oliver Jahraus (Vice President for Student Affairs) and Prof. Dr. Francesca Biagini (Vice-President for International Affairs and Diversity)

From 02:35:00
– Dance to the music provided live by the Harry Klein Club


VJs Cioloop, Luna and Mavis (Institute of Art Education, LMU)

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