Student life

Welcome to LMU Munich! Life here doesn't just take place in seminar rooms, libraries and parked in front of desks. Studying here is more than just books — it's a way of life that touches everything from where you live to how you spend your free time.

When you arrive

Help is at hand

There are a number of things that you’ll want to take care of once you arrive in Munich. But don’t worry — LMU can help you manage them. Pretty soon you’ll be properly settled and focusing on studying and enjoying Munich!

Welcome day - Students in the Lichthof of the LMU

First-year students’ welcome event 2023

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Life as an LMU student

100,000 students live in Munich, half of which study at LMU. No wonder student life here is so rich and diverse.

Sport, art, and entertainment

Want to try skiing? Or is music more your thing? You can try it all while studying at LMU Munich. Student life here is lively and varied — and you’ll be making new friends in no time.

Surfing in central Munich
A piggy bank in the lecture room

Finance your studies

There's a number of different offices here to help you when it comes to financing your studies and life here in Munich.

Finance your studies

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