Eating out and eating in

We have heavily subsidized student canteens, cafeterias, and bars on campus with high-quality meals and an increasing amount of organic, vegetarian, and vegan food on offer. And most restaurants around LMU locations offer discounted meals, especially during the lunch hour.

Cafeterias and campus restaurants

The Munich Student Union (Studierendenwerk) runs eight larger student cafeterias, called Mensen, and several smaller cafes. The Mensen are located at major university buildings throughout Munich. You can find reasonably priced lunches with various side dishes and always at least one vegetarian meal. The cafes sell snacks and drinks throughout the rest of the day.

The Munich Student Union runs a total of 33 cafeterias, StuBistros, StuCafés, and espresso bars, with detailed descriptions online. You can even peruse the daily menus online. There are an ever-increasing number of organic options, all for affordable prices. The main cafeteria (Mensa) is Leopoldstr. 13a. During the semester, it is open Monday to Thursday, 11:00 am – 2:30 pm, and on Friday, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. Breakfast is served in the cafeterias and StuCafés. Currently, the "3G" rule applies in all cafeterias – unless you are taking food home.

As a student of LMU Munich, you can pay cash-free with your LMUcard. All other guests can use the Legic Card, which is also used as a means of payment for many of the universities' devices and machines. Cash payment is only possible at certain individual locations. The Student Union's website provides detailed information about payments in student cafeterias.

Dining in Munich

Munich is a great place to eat. And the Schwabing district—home to LMU’s main campus—is one of the city’s most lively places to go out at night!

You’ll find Bavarian specialties and nearly any global cuisine throughout the city—and our restaurants, beer gardens, and cafés span from budget to gourmet. You shouldn’t have trouble fulfilling any special dietary needs (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free).

Grocery shopping

Finding what you’re craving in Munich is easy, as Munich is an international hub with a great diversity of shops and goods. Pricing depends on the type of shop you choose (e.g., discount, specialty stores for specific countries or regions, health food store, farmer’s markets ... the list could go on and on!). Ask around for tips on the best places to shop.

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