Student groups

Since you’re starting out in a new school, city, and country, it’s the perfect time to make new friends. And whether you’re outgoing or more of the quiet type, there’s a group for you here at LMU Munich. There are activities on campus and off, with lots of opportunities to get to know new cultures, people, and this beautiful region.

Humanitarian organizations

If you’re the kind of person who likes to make a difference and contribute to your community, you might be interested in this list of various student groups and initiatives that always welcome new members.

  • Amnesty International — University Group Munich: The Munich chapter of Amnesty International, an organization focused on human rights issues.
  • Arbeiterkind (Workers‘ Child): This is an initiative for students who are the first in their family to earn a college degree.
  • AIAS Munich e.V.: This student association raises awareness about bone marrow donation.
  • Enactus Munich: A non-profit student organization, this group’s goal is to improve the standard of living and quality of life of people around the world, from Munich to Bolivia.
  • Campus for Change e.V:student association that does voluntary work in the areas of education and health
  • Commit to Partnership e.V.: Commit Munich is primarily student-led and focuses on social justice and sustainable change.
  • Humanistische Hochschulgruppe München (Humanist University Group — Munich): Students in this group get involved in educational issues from a humanist perspective, which emphasizes human rights and mutual respect based on a philosophy of logic.
  • Nightline e.V.: This hotline is run by students for students and addresses problems big and small.
  • Refugee Law Clinic — Munich: A student initiative, this group offers free legal advice to refugees in need of support.
  • Serlo: A project of the Society for Free Education e.V., this group provides free educational materials to students.
  • Start Right: Law students provide legal advice for social initiatives.
  • Studenten bilden Schüler (Students Tutor Pupils e.V.): Volunteer tutors and other staff help provide low-income students with free tutoring and other educational services to help close the equality gap.
  • 180 Degrees Consulting Munich: student consultancy for non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurs

In addition to these groups, you can participate in some central advising and mentoring services for LMU students and prospective students. Information on this can be found under Peer support. There are so many ways to become active at LMU!


Okay, it’s true: many student groups could fall under the category "international" because LMU Munich is such a diverse place. But here are a few that stand out for their international student involvement.

  • TutoRIA: TutoRIA is a student-run tutoring program offered through the International Office — but it’s also a community! Come meet people from all over the world and join the fun on campus, in the city, and around Germany at large. Events, sports, German traditions — it’s a smorgasbord of entertaining ways to spend your days. They offer virtual events, too!
  • Munich ERASMUS Students Association (MESA): If you’d like to hang out with and learn from the students who know just what it’s like to study abroad, MESA (in German) is a perfect option. It’s an organization run by LMU students who have studied abroad through Erasmus — but you don’t have to be an Erasmus student to join! The students of MESA are happy to support and assist you before and during the first few months of your stay. Each semester, there’s a big welcome party where you’ll meet many other international students from LMU and other local universities, and there are lots of great activities throughout the year (karaoke, pub crawls, castle tours, etc.).
  • AEGEE: A network of European student groups, AEGEE helps you with affordable travel, getting to know new cultures and new languages, making friends all over Europe, and actively working to build the Europe of the future.
  • AIESEC: An organization that supports students in finding an internship or voluntary work abroad.
  • IASTE: A group of active and former students that provides internships abroad and helps international students finding accomodation and socializing in Munich.

Student Council and student representatives

Students can not only vote, but participate as representatives in many committees.

Religious organizations

If you want to help shape religious life at LMU or join a community of like-minded students, you can join a religious organization — or form your own!

  • Catholic University Community (KHG Leo 11): This group welcomes students of all disciplines and cultures to learn and develop in your faith, as well as to spend time relaxing (and celebrating!) together.
  • Protestant Student Community (ESG): ESG provides students with religious and academic (even language) support in a welcoming community.
  • Greek Orthodox Metropolis: For students of (or interested in) Greek Orthodox faith, this community welcomes international students.
  • Islamic Association of Universities (IHV): IHV represents muslim student’s interests at universities in Munich and also acts as a network for graduating students entering the work world. One of its primary missions is to build bridges between cultures, religions, and worldviews.
  • Union of Jewish Students in Bavaria (VJSB): An organization dedicated to all areas of Jewish student life, this group is involved in promoting Jewish culture, facilitating intercultural dialogue, celebrating holidays, throwing parties, organizing sporting events, and participating in political issues.

Career-oriented student organizations

In addition to LMU Career Services, there are many student organizations to help with your career development and search.

  • Academy Consult: Students in this group put their knowledge into practice, acting as consultants in their area of expertise to a variety of companies.
  • AIESEC: This is an international platform for training the leaders of tomorrow.
  • European Law Students‘ Association (ELSA): This is the world's largest law student association, with members from 42 countries. ELSA is a charitable organization and provides law students, legal trainees, and young lawyers the opportunity to engage and educate.
  • Sinik: A student Initiative for Intercultural Competence in Munich, this group offers workshops on intercultural awareness in the student environment.
  • START Munich: Munich's largest initiative around the topics of entrepreneurship, startups & technology.
  • TEG e.V.: The Entrepreneurial Group is the student initiative for your entry into the Munich startup world.

Student radio, newspapers and magazines

If you are interested in media and have a good command of German, you will find many student newspapers and a radio station to improve your skills.

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