Living costs

In Germany, living expenses can vary quite a bit, especially when it comes to housing. To help you plan your student budget, we've outlined what you should roughly budget for monthly living costs in Munich.

In the capital of Bavaria, you should calculate with about 900 euros per months. Here’s a basic outline of what you should budget for monthly living costs:

  • Rooms in private housing including utilities: 550 – 1000 euros
  • Rooms in university housing including utilities: 350 – 480 euros
  • Health insurance: 80 euros
  • Meals: 200 – 250 euros
  • Mobile phone: 15 – 30 euros
  • Public transportation: 33 euros

To get a better picture of the general living expenses in Germany, you might want to consult this consumer goods database.

Since housing will be one of your primary expenses in Munich—and it comes in a wide range of types and prices—visit our Housing section to help you figure out what to expect. The European Commission also offers information on living and working in EU countries.

And there’s good news! With a valid student identity card, you’ll have access to steep price reductions for public transportation and Munich’s many cultural events (like theatre, concerts, museums, and more), as well as at the many on campus student cafeterias and cafes.

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