Virtual Campus Days 2022

28 Jan 2022

What to study? How to study? Where to study? Find all the answers at LMU Munich’s Virtual Campus Days!

What should I study? What subjects can I choose from? And how does the application process work? People often have so many questions before they even start their studies. Read on for an interview with two people who have the answers: Amelie Lehmkühler, an academic advisor, and Dr. Christian Braun, an academic advisor with a focus on Master’s and doctoral degrees, who both work in LMU’s Central Student Advisory Office.

It is their job to advise prospective students during the academic semester, and they also participate in the Virtual Campus Days.

The LMU’s Virtual Campus Days are coming up — can you tell us what this actually is?

Amelie Lehmkühler: Many young people who are still at school wonder: What to study? How to study? Where to study? They can find all the answers at LMU’s open day, which we call Campus Day. It is the largest event for prospective students, parents, and teachers. Over the course of two days, they have the opportunity to explore the variety of subjects the university offers, to talk to lecturers and students, and to gather information and impressions about studying at LMU Munich. Central institutions such as the University Library, the International Office, or ourselves, the Student Advisory Office, will also be present.

Prior to this year, Campus Day was always an event for those interested in starting a Bachelor’s degree – this year you are reaching out to a wider audience. What’s on offer?

Christian Braun: The faculties will present the entire range of degree courses offered by LMU Munich: For the first time, the Master’s programs will also be presented. We are doing this in order to offer all prospective students the opportunity to really get all the information they would need. Having this wider reach also gives future students the chance to get a broader look at our academic offering, say to consider which Master’s degree programs could possibly be of interest to them after their Bachelor’s degree. Or vice versa, if they already know exactly which Master’s program they want to take later on, which Bachelor’s degrees will qualify them for it. So, Campus Day offers a much broader perspective on all the possible courses of study.

How can prospective students best prepare for Campus Day?

Lehmkühler: I would say to students, you should take a look at the video at — it offers an excellent guide to the Virtual Campus Days 2022. You can find the complete program there, too. It really makes sense to take a look at the entire range of subjects that LMU Munich offers as one of the leading universities in the world. Many departments also deviate from the kind of topics that are taught within their subject in school, so if you take a closer look, you might discover a subject that exactly matches your inclinations and interests. And then we also advise you to put together your own individual program for Campus Day and perhaps make a note of a few questions you would like to ask. Every question is welcome! Everyone should take advantage of this opportunity. When else would you have the chance to come into direct contact with so many top academics?

In past years, you could roam around LMU’s main building in the course of the day and talk to people. Unfortunately, that’s not possible this year due to the pandemic — what are your virtual offerings?

Braun: Yes, sadly that part of the experience isn’t available this year. However, the digital format has its advantages! It’s easier to participate because there is no need to travel. Ultimately, many international future students who would like to find out in person about the university’s undergraduate and graduate programs will also benefit from this. The departments and central institutions have put together an extensive virtual program: There are lectures and live-talks, Q&A sessions, open consultations with lecturers, and even taster sessions in certain subjects. In addition to this, there will be other opportunities during the summer semester to get to know LMU, its departments and the students.

That sounds interesting! What kind of offers are there?

Lehmkühler: The program will be supplemented in the summer semester by events we call “Studieren probieren” — trial lectures at LMU, and “LMU-Schnupperstunden” — online trial sessions, where prospective students will have the opportunity to gain a more in-depth impression, or indeed a first impression, of a subject. In the trial lectures, future students get to have a “live” experience of subjects they might go on to study and to attend some actual lectures that are open to school students. And in the online trial sessions, LMU students present the subject they are studying; this is also a very good opportunity to start to develop a network within the departments. During the Bavarian school holidays in the fall, we also hold a study orientation week as part of the city of Munich’s university orientation days. School students and other prospective university students can get a taste of university life during LMU’s study orientation week. You can find out what we have on offer and also watch our talks on all sorts of organizational questions related to studying at The Central Student Advisory Office has something for everyone!

LMU’s Virtual Campus Days offer information for prospective students on all Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at LMU Munich. Friday, 4 February from 1 p.m., Saturday, 5 February from 2 p.m.

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