University entrance qualification (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung)

General information

The qualification requirements to study at Bavarian state universities and state-recognized non-governmental universities are defined in the Qualification Ordinance (QualV) dated 2 November 2007 (as amended).

In order to be accepted onto a first degree program, candidates must fulfill university entrance requirements, or the university admission requirements for vocationally qualified applicants. Different rules apply for degree programs at a university of applied sciences, or for programs aligned with art colleges.

This entrance qualification can either be a general qualification, or related to a specific subject. University admissions for vocationally qualified applicants can be made by those with a general qualification, in accordance with § 29, or a subject-specific qualification, in accordance with § 30. All forms of subject-specific qualifications, including those regulated by § 30, only entitle the holder to join certain specific degree programs.

All details on entry requirements can be found in the qualification regulation (QualV) dated 2 November 2007 (as amended).

Please note that we cannot provide a complete list of all possible university entrance qualifications here, as this list would be potentially endless.

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