Arrival in Munich and at LMU

In order to be able to successfully start your stay at the LMU, we have put together some tips for your first steps in Munich.

Whether you need a visa to study in Germany depends on your country of origin and the length of study. Further information can be found in the International Student Guide.

In order to be registered at LMU, you must have adequate health insurance. A certificate of insurance (Versicherungsbescheinigung) has to be issued by a German statutory health insurance provider.
Further information can be found in the International Student Guide.

We also recommend that you have accident, personal, and third-party liability insurance for the duration of your stay in Germany.

In order to study at the LMU as an exchange student, you will be registered at the LMU after you have received notification of your admission.

  • Registration is handled by the International Office in September/October (winter semester), as well as March/April (summer semester). Your presence is not necessary for this. However, you must be reachable by email.
  • After registration, you need to pay the semester fee to receive your LMUcard and will receive further information.
  • Erasmus+, UK, SEMP and LMUexchange students are registered as "program students" for a maximum period of two semesters per study cycle. If you would like to continue your studies at LMU after two semesters, you must re-apply as a regular student.

One of the first things you will need to take care of after arrival is registering your address in Munich at the residence registration office (Bürgerbüro). You have to do this in person within two weeks of arrival.
Please book an appointment online and prepare the following documents:

If you change your address during your stay, you need to inform the residence registration office as well as LMU's International Office. Additionally, you have to change your address on the LMU portal.

You will receive your Steuer ID (tax ID) by post 2-3 weeks after registering your place of residence. You will need this for, among other things, opening a bank account or doing a student job.
Please make sure your full name is on your mailbox.

It is worth opening a German or European bank account (in euros) even for a short stay of one or two semesters. This saves you numerous transaction fees. Payments that you make monthly (e.g. rent, health insurance, Deutschlandticket) are usually deducted directly from a bank account and cannot be paid with a credit card. In most cases, opening a Girokonto (checking account) for students in Germany is free of charge.

Many banks have a branch network where you can open a checking account in person. There are also direct banks where opening an account is only possible online.
Please note the overview of banking institutions authorized in Germany.

To open a checking account, you usually need the following documents:

  • Registration confirmation from the city of Munich or your place of residence in Germany
  • Copy of your passport and/or visa/residence certificate
  • Certificate of registration with LMU or Letter of admission from LMU

Note: When opening a checking account, please pay attention to the exemption from monthly account management fees. It is also important that you choose a bank where withdrawing cash is free, and there are no fees for a German EC or debit card.

For more information about opening a bank account, see the International Student Guide.

Many exchange students (e.g Erasmus+/SEMP/UK) require a Certificate of Arrival for their home university. Please check if your home university provides a form for this purpose and send it to the International Office.

Students with health restrictions or disabilities have the opportunity to apply for compensation for disadvantages in examinations.
If your home university grants you a disadvantage, you can also apply for this at LMU. Please bring all necessary documents and certificates with you; and if necessary, an English translation.

Please contact your departmental coordinator in good time to apply. A separate application must be submitted to the respective examination office for each department.

You can also find further information on the LMU website.

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