Machine Learning and Data Analytics in Finance and Accounting (MDA)

An increasingly complex global business environment requires firms’ to make use of the large amounts of data out there in order to make better decisions. The possibility of using machine learning approaches to cope with complicated real-world financial problems that are too complex for humans becomes more and more popular. The Munich School of Management at LMU offers a unique summer program for students from around the world dealing with exactly this very interesting and important topic.

Academic Host
Institute for Accounting, Auditing and Analysis
Target Group
People with an interest in numbers and logical relationships as well as a basic statistical knowledge; no prior programming skills are required
Aim of the Course
Understanding goals and capabilities of machine learning, apply machine learning approaches to real-world financial problems, use important data analytics methods to evaluate large data sets
Language of Instruction (LEVEL)
Form of Instruction
in-class and online
Online: 24-28 July 2023
In-Class: 03-11 August 2023
Max. No. of Participants
Further Information, Registration, Application Deadline and Costs

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