MISU Summer Academies

MISU Summer Academies are exclusive courses or short-term research programs that cover the whole gamut of the natural sciences, social sciences, economics, and the humanities. MISU offers programs for all levels of study – for international bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students, and for young professionals as well.

Join one of our dedicated summer academies!

  • All summer academies are conducted in English by distinguished faculty who are committed to excellence in research and teaching – a fantastic opportunity for you to grow as a future academic or professional, and as an individual.
  • The courses last between two and ten weeks, with intensive teaching in small groups to optimize your engagement with the subject. Learning in class is usually combined with a range of independent study activities such as reading, preparing for classes, and completing assignments which deepen your knowledge of the subject and foster your ability to work in a self-motivated way.
  • The Summer Academies are complemented by a cultural program designed to be enriching as well as great fun. A few of these courses may also include some German language instruction.
  • Each Summer Academy is responsible for its own admissions. Please check the website of the course in which you wish to enroll for detailled information.
  • Should you wish to transfer credit points to your home institution, please consult carefully with your advisor before choosing your Summer Academy.

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