Application guidelines and FAQs

Here, prospective international students will find frequently asked questions concerning degree programs and guidelines for applying to LMU.

FAQs: General questions on studying at LMU Munich

If you have German nationality and a passport from another country as well, please always apply with your German nationality.

The same applies if you are in possession of an EU/EEA passport and a non-EU/EEA passport; here you should always apply with your EU/EEA passport.

For more information on the question “What role does my nationality play when I apply for a place at university?”, please refer to the information here.

Your resume (curriculum vitae) should be written in tabular form. It should include your personal details, your education to date (all schools / universities / degree programs you have attended, with the respective dates), university entrance examinations, qualification and language skills / and language examinations. Please make sure you enter your details in full and in chronological order, accounting for all the time up to when you submit your application.

We don't, no. However, in our information leaflets, we list a number of language courses for you to refer to. To remain impartial, we do not make any specific recommendations.

The following service providers are recommended for German courses by the Beirat Qualitätssicherung für studienvorbereitende und studienbegleitende Deutschausbildung an der LMU — the council repsonsible for quality control.

Yes. Even if you have completed a degree in German Studies at a university abroad, you still have to sit the German language test.

Not at present. Please refer to the Business Studies Faculty website to see which master's degree programs are currently being offered in the field of Business Studies.

No problem. Three months after the deadline for applications, you can collect your documents. Please contact us via email (room G 018, Ludwigstraße 27, Munich, ground floor) and provide us with your postal address:

In the event of rejection, and in accordance with data protection regulations, we will destroy all documents pertaining to the application after 12 month.

We do allow you to authorize another person to collect your documents: Refer to authorization (PDF, 81 KB).

Unfortunately, not. International applicants can apply for two programs, but only one restricted admission program. There is an exception: If you apply for a major and a minor in a bachelor's degree program, it is possible to choose a restricted major and a restricted minor.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send you such a letter. You have to apply for a study program at LMU first. If you receive a letter of admission, you can then contact the Foreigners Office for your residence permit.

FAQs: Application status

First, please check which address you listed on your application form for admission, and whether this is still valid. We send the letter of admission via email or the rejection notification via post to the address you provide on the application form.

For non-restricted degree programs, you can submit documents (leaving certificates etc.) up until 23 August 2024. For restricted admission degree programs, and for Studienkolleg (preparatory courses), the deadline is 15 July 2024.

If you have not heard back from us by 20 August 2024, either with a letter of admission or notification of rejection, please send us an email. In the subject line, write “No letter received — please check”, include your name, date of birth and desired degree program, and send to

Yes. If any of the following apply to you, you may submit your completed application form up until 23 August 2024:

  • You have successfully completed the pre-registration process or academic advising and orientation for your desired degree program.
  • You have successfully completed the aptitude assessment for your desired degree program.
  • You have been accepted for a master's degree program.

Please note: Applications for doctoral degree programs can be submitted until 21 October 2024. For more information, please see FAQ 4.

Your foreign qualifications / certificates will be assessed by the International Office during the registration procedure.

You must register at the International Office during the prescribed registration period.

The documents must be sent for registration via post to the International Office within the following deadlines:

  • Restricted admission programs: 4 - 11 September 2024
  • Non-restricted admission programs: 4 September - 2 October 2024
  • Master's and doctoral degree programs: 4 September - 28 October 2024

With the letter of admission issued by the International Office. This letter is accepted by all embassies as proof when you apply for a student visa.

No. You don't have to come in person. You can send the documents to us. In certain exceptional cases you may be allowed to register at a later date. However, this applies only to bachelor's degree programs which are not subject to admission restrictions. To register later, please send us an email — briefly stating your reasons for late registration — to Please use the following subject line for your email: “Application for late registration.”

In your email, state your name, date of birth, registration number, and the degree program for which you have been accepted (these details are included in your letter of admission).

Please note that the registration period for master's degree programs and doctoral degree programs is longer (see FAQ 4).

The reason for the rejection of your application is stated in the notification you received. If you were rejected because you did not submit all the required documents, you can submit certificates up until 23 August 2024 for non-restricted degree programs. For restricted admission programs and for Studienkolleg (preparatory course), the deadline is 15 July 2024.

Once you have submitted all the necessary documents which entitle you to study at LMU, we will immediately send you a letter of admission.

Yes. Three months after the deadline for applications, you can collect your documents. Please contact us via email and provide us your postal address here:

In the event of your being rejected and in accordance with data protection regulations, we will destroy all documents pertaining to your application after 12 months.

It is possible to authorize another person to collect your documents: authorization (PDF, 81 KB)

Yes. When you register you will be given more information on introductory courses (Welcome Day, held in German and in English). Here you can view the Welcome Day of the International Office.

If you have further questions, please send an email with your question(s) to and confirm that you have read the FAQs above.

If you wish to contact us by telephone, the contact and opening hours for International Admissions in the International Office are available via the link.

The International Office application period is as follows: for the summer semester it is from November until 15 January; for the winter semester it is from May until 15 July — please do not send any applications outside of this period because your application will not be processed before and this will render it out of date.


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