Office of the University Registrar: team and services

We'll help you from the moment you commence your studies to when the time comes to exmatriculate. We are here to support with applications for restricted degree programs, registration, taking a semester off, changing your degree program or subject, updating your address, and much more.

Unit Management

Room E 112

  • Markus Sattler, University Registrar
  • Wolfgang Hiller, Deputy University Registrar
  • Peter Tyroller, Head of the Office


Sub-Unit 1: University Admissions Office

E011: Rooms 3, 4 and 6

  • Heidi Brendle, Head of Sub-Unit
  • Olaf Olsson, Office Manager
  • Marina Stiffan, Responsible Official
  • Jessica Pieper, Responsible Official


Sub-Unit 2: Academic Registrar

E011: Rooms 1, 2 and 8

  • Wolfgang Hiller, Head of Sub-Unit
  • Franziska Kloiber, Office Manager
  • Dominik Brandl, Responsible Official
  • Anna Gorachek, Responsible Official
  • Ingrid Logan, Responsible Official
  • Christiane Staudinger, Responsible Official
  • Dominika Tóthová, Responsible Official


(Sub-Unit 3: dissolved)

  • the previous services have been integrated into Sub-Unit 2

Sub-Unit 4: Fees, Doctoral Students and other registered individuals

E011: Room 2

  • Christiane Staudinger, Head of Sub-Unit
  • Ingrid Logan, Responsible Official



Requests must be submitted online using the respective portals. Requests in writing can only be submitted either by postal mail or they may be addressed to the Office of the University Registrar and dropped off at the in-house mailbox at LMU’s main entrance (Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1).

Requests for certain services such as a change of subject, leave of absence or the individual continuation of registration as well as accident reports, can submit by email instead.

If in important cases you must submit a request for exmatriculation or you require a certificate of study, you must schedule an in-office appointment with the Academic Registrar, SU 2 online ahead of time.

An in-office appointment with the Admissions Office, SU-1 is also available by scheduling it online ahead of time.

Our Study Information Service (SIS) will continue to be available to answer your questions by telephone.

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