Double major

Concentrating on one major not varied enough for you? Feel the need to broaden your study field? Maybe doing a double major is just what you need.

According to the Bayerisches Hochschulinnovationsgesetz, currently in effect, registering for a double major is only permitted if there is an exceptional interest of a professional, scientific or artistic nature. Only on this basis can two degree programs with admission restrictions be studied simultaneously.

The approval for a double major will be granted on an individual basis. The informal written request must be submitted at the time of registration (dates and deadlines) or when a change of subject (dates and deadlines) is requested.

Please note:

If you register simultaneously at LMU Munich and at another university outside of Bavaria, you are required to always pay the fees at LMU Munich; whether you are required to pay the fees at the other university as well, please resolve this matter with that university. If you register simultaneously at two universities within Bavaria, you are required to pay the fees due only at the university you first registered at. If this is not LMU Munich, you are required to request the continuation of registration at LMU Munich by submitting documentary evidence of the payment made to the other university (payment receipt and a confirmation of registration at that university).

Each semester students must prove that they will continue to be registered at a second university at the time of their applying for the continuation of registration via the Sub-Unit 2: Academic Registrar.

If a student’s registration comes to an end at that second university, then a certificate of exmatriculation must be submitted.

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