Munich Winter School Methods in Digital Heritage (MDH)

This course offered by the Institute for Digital Cultural Heritage Studies addresses digitization and dissemination methods for the cultural heritage and museum sector.

Academic Host
Institute for Digital Cultural Heritage Studies, a unique research and teaching unit dedicated to spearheading transformative research on the ancient world through technology and digital societal engagement with the past
Target Group
This winter school is specifically designed for advanced Bachelor students studying a heritage-related discipline. They should be in their final year of studies and have a profound interest in heritage as well as digital techniques.
Aim of the Course
Participants of this intensive course will learn about essential methods for digitizing and disseminating museum collections, such as digital imaging, laser scanning and geographical information systems. They will visit at least one of our partner museums in Munich, gain hands-on experience in these methods, and apply them to a small group project, which is presented at the end of the course. In this way, they not only learn about challenges and opportunities inherent in the digitization of museum collections, but they also gain practical experience.
Language of Instruction (LEVEL)
Form of Instruction
14 -28 March 2025
Max. No. of Participants
Application Deadline
21 October 2024
Registration, Costs and Further Information

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