Student rights and obligations

Your student rights and obligations as a member of the University

Upon your registration as a student at LMU Munich, you become a member of the University, as well as a member of a particular faculty and subject field. Not only do you have certain rights, but also obligations: for example, playing your part in the University's self-administration. By this we mean that you can participate in various bodies and committees as well as those of your faculty (using your active and passive right to vote). It is also your right to use the University's facilities as well as the services offered by the Munich Student Union (Studierendenwerk München Oberbayern). In addition, as a student you receive many discounts outside the University, for example the MVV semester ticket.

Alongside further obligations, students — like all other members of the University — are expected to behave in such a way that enables the University to fulfill its duties and ensures that no one is prevented from exercising their own rights and obligations.

These further obligations for students include:

  • to register for each further semester in due form and time (continuation of your registration),
  • to pay any fees in due time,
  • to study in line with the governing examinations and study regulations unless you are exempt from this obligation for a specific reason (leave of absence),
  • to immediately notify us in written form of any changes to the information collected during your registration, especially changes to your name and address,
  • to immediately notify the University in written form if you lose your student ID-Card,
  • to immediately notify us of any change to your health insurance by submitting a new, form-based insurance certificate,
  • to inform the University immediately of all facts that could pose as a barrier to your registration or a reason to be refused registration.

You also have further (cooperation) obligations concerning examinations and study regulations with regard to your chosen degree program.

Your LMU membership and all associated rights and obligations officially end upon exmatriculation.

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