LMU Career Services: Manual Jobboard

Here you will find a quick guide to the job board. After logging in, you can also request individual support at any time by clicking on the corresponding button.


Employers can use this page to register and post jobs. If you are a premium partner of the LMU Career Service, please contact us. We will then enable you to post ads free of charge.


If you have successfully registered, you can log in using this mask field. So that you do not have to enter the identifier and e-mail used again and again, you will receive a short link when you log in, which pre-fills the two fields. Please save this as a favorite.

Main Menu

In the main menu you will find all the functions for the job exchange:

  • Home: Click here to return to the home page
  • My Details: Please enter your personal and billing data for your company here. Enter the standard address here. You have the option of entering a different billing address for each advertisement.
  • Create / Admin Job Ads: Here you can post a new job advertisement and/or change previously published ones for the remainder of the term. You also get an overview of your users (user overview) and sub-accounts (customer list). You can also create sub-accounts and invite other users by e-mail.
  • Invoices: Here you will find an overview of your invoices and which of them may still be outstanding.
  • Accounts: If you wish, you can use our offer for premium partners and create a separate account in the Career Service Portal. You only need to remember the login details for the job portal. You can use accounts to switch between the job exchange and the Career Service Portal at any time.

Support: You can use this button to give us access to your account at any time (for seven days). We will be happy to help you with your problem directly.

Post Job Ads 1

  • Create new customer/sub-account: For example, if you are a recruitment agency managing several clients/customers, you can create sub-accounts for them here.
  • Client list: Here you can see an overview of your customers/sub-accounts.
  • User list: Here you can see an overview of users who can post jobs alongside you. (see also Create additional users)
  • Job details: Use this tab to enter all information about the respective job.
  • Employer details: Use this tab to enter general information about your company/client, including your logo.
  • Add another user: Here you can invite colleagues by e-mail address so that they can also post jobs.

Create new job ad: This is where you create a new job advertisement.

Post Job Ads 2

  • Your already published job ads: In the drop-down menu you will find any job advertisements you already have. "new" stands for advertisements that have not been fully processed and therefore not published
  • Job title (m/f/x): Enter a descriptive title for your job here.
  • Ad link and/or PDF: You can either provide a link to the job (recommended). Or you can upload a PDF (max. 3MB). Or do both.
  • Optional: Your reference: Here you can enter further information for your accounting department.

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