Additional scholarships

Besides funding your internship through LMU Career Services, there are many other scholarship programs to help you finance your internship abroad. Here's a selection.


PROSA LMU is a funding program for global study abroad programs, internships and residencies for scholarly research and inquiry. Our International Office manages this scholarship program.

Regarding internships, this program specifically relates to research internships at universities or university-based institutions only. If you are planning on doing an internship at a company, a school internship (not at a German school) or an internship at a foundation, association, or NGO etc., PROMOS LMU is the right scholarship program for you.

DAAD scholarships

You can find various scholarship programs offered by DAAD in its scholarship database. The following scholarship programs are particularly suitable for internships abroad:

Here, you can receive a scholarship for combined study and practical semesters abroad. A practical semester comprises practical work experience integrated into the regular course of your studies — and is therefore equivalent to an internship. According to study regulations, the internship must be mandatory. This offer applies to all regions of the world and to all subject areas. Study and practical semesters should be completed in the same country.

This scholarship is aimed at students in their 2nd semester and Master's degree students who are registered at a German university for the duration of their internship. The following institutions also offer short-term scholarships to support internships:

  • Deutsche Auslandsvertretungen (The German Missions Abroad) (German embassies, consulates and permanent missions)
  • International organizations recognized under international law (e.g. EU, UN, NATO, World Bank)
  • German schools abroad (not DSD and not FIT).
    Please note: Student teachers who wish to do an internship at a German school abroad are not eligible to apply for this program. In this case, please apply for the program "" (see below).
  • Goethe Institute
  • German Archaeological Institute
  • The Max Weber Foundation Institute
  • selected institutions associated with foreign cultural policy

Please note: Political foundations and German foreign chambers of commerce abroad do not represent German missions abroad!

Student teachers of all subject combinations and school types are eligible to receive a scholarship for self-organized internships at educational institutions abroad.

The program Internships Abroad for Student Teachers (Auslandspraktika für Lehramtsstudierende) provides scholarships for internships lasting one (at least 30 days) to six months at educational institutions abroad. It is not permitted to receive simultaneous funding from Erasmus+, PROMOS or the!

Are only granted for internships that are part of programs offered by the following organizations:

  • IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience)
  • AIESEC (Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales)
  • ZAD (Zahnmedizinischer Austauschdienst, Dental Exchange Service)

German Bachelor's degree students from the Natural-, Life- and Engineering Sciences may receive a scholarship for a research internship in various countries around the world and are supervised by researchers at that location. Students that are interested can view research projects posted online and apply for up to three offers.

Internships at international organizations, institutions of the European Union (EU) and selected, non-governmental organizations are supported.

Two different programs are available:

  • Program A supports internships that students have initiated themselves.
  • Program B advertises specific opportunities for internships.

Franco-German Youth Office Scholarship

The Franco-German Youth Office (Deutsch-Französisches-Jugendwerk) supports subject-related internships at companies or institutions in France that are recognized or strongly recommended by your home university as part of your degree program. Students from all subject areas are eligible to apply for these scholarships if they are:

  • in a Bachelor's degree program or
  • in the 1st to 6th semester of a degree program leading to a State Examination (state-conferred degree for students of Law, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy and Teacher Education programs).

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