Career Services Scholarship

Do you want to do a short internship in another European country and don't know how to finance it? LMU Career Services offers financial support to students registered at LMU.

Grant requirements

To apply for the Career Services Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Internship is in another European country (but not in your own home country)
  • You are registered at LMU

  • Full-time internships of 30 hours or more per week or 12 hours of instruction per week for teaching internships.
  • Voluntary and mandatory internships
  • Types of internships:
    • Regular internships at all kinds of institutions (companies, NGOs, hospitals, etc.)
    • Teaching internships at foreign schools
  • Paid (up to 1000 euros/month) and unpaid internships
  • Relevant to your degree program
  • Internship duration of at least 53 to a maximum of 59 days. Please check the length of your internship. The Erasmus+ Programme usually funds longer internships.

Scholarship Process

You got accepted for your dream internship? Great!

Please email the following information to LMU Career Services to start your scholarship application:

  • Exact date of the beginning of your internship (e.g. Monday, the...)
  • Exact date of the end of the internship (e.g. Friday, the...)
  • Location of your internship
  • Country of your internship
  • Your faculty at LMU (number and name)
  • Name of the your internship institution
  • Scholarship: Career Services Scholarship

After this, you'll receive a link to the application portal from us.

Without these basic details we can't process your application!

Application deadline: latest four weeks before the start of your internship!

Please apply through the MoveON portal. To use this, you have to register with your LMU email address. Please select the online form "Bewerbung Stipendium Auslandspraktikum" (Scholarship Application for Internships Abroad) in the portal.

The following documents must be uploaded to apply for the Career Services Scholarship:

What happens after I have handed in my application?

Once we've received all of the documents listed above, the first scholarship installment will be disbursed.

If the time frame of your internship changes, it is necessary to submit a new Placement Offer. Furterhmore, your Internship Certificate for the final documents has to show the updated duration of your stay.

  • Internship certificate, which is issued by your employer and includes the beginning and ending dates of your internship.
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses: Please make sure you only depart home after the last day of your internship.
  • Internship report (DOC, 143 KB)
  • Your registration certificate — if the confirmation submitted with your application doesn't cover the entire period of your internship.
  • Career tip: Your internship provider can issue a qualified reference for you. This reference looks great in future applications!

Please upload all final documents in one go to the MoveON portal no later than 30 days after concluding your internship. You will have already received the link to this portal with your application.


Do you have any further questions on this program? Then you're welcome to contact us for a consultation!

Michael Brielmaier, M.A.

LMU's Career Services

Consultant for Business Contacts & International Internships

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