Barrier-free access, our quiet room and technical aids

Here, you can find information about barrier-free access routes, rooms and workspaces at LMU. You can also find out about hiring technical equipment such as hearing aids and laptops with software for the visually impaired and discover facilities such as the quiet and service rooms (Ruhe- und Serviceraum).

Barrier-free access

You can find information regarding LMU building accessibility spanning our numerous locations by means of our building plans. The LMU Room Finder is based on these building plans.

The following locations offer barrier-free accessibility:

  • Mensa and cafeteria at Leopoldstraße 13a
  • Cafeteria in the Adalbert wing of the main building
  • Cafeteria at Schellingstraße 3/I (via the elevator and roof terrace)
  • Cafeteria at Ludwigstraße 28—"vestibule building" (from Veterinärstraße or Schackstraße via the courtyard)
  • Cafeteria at Oettingenstraße 67

Some lecture halls in the main building and institute can only be reached by means of a combination of several lifts. If you have any questions about accessibility, please contact our assistants via Disability Services or check for yourself in Barrier-free through LMU (PDF, 288 KB) (German) using the available LMU Room Finder.

The following rooms can be reached by stairlifts with keys:

Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, room B101: From the rear entrance on Amalienstraße you can reach the freight elevator (coming from the left side of Amalienstraße). This elevator takes you to the first floor of building section B where the lecture hall B101 is located at the end of the corridor. There are steps between the corridor and the lecture hall, but these can be bypassed using the stairlift installed there.

Ludwigstraße 29: The mezzanine floor at Ludwigstraße 29 can be reached by a stairlift directly behind the entrance (access via a ramp).

Ludwigstraße 31: On the left-hand side there is a stairlift bypassing the half-landing to the mezzanine floor.

The key can be borrowed from the assistants at Advisory Services.

Amalienstraße 54: From the Salinenhof at the main university building you can enter the building at ground level. A stairlift bypasses the half-landing to the mezzanine floor. The stairlift can be operated on site with a remote control.

Zentnerstraße 31: The entrance doors open with a transponder. The stairlift is then activated where you can reach the elevator inside the building. The transponder is available at the secretariat.

In many university buildings there are toilets for disabled access. In the document Barrier-free through LMU (PDF, 288 KB) you can look through the plans of our various LMU locations and find icons indicating where the toilets for disabled access are. The following toilets require a transponder (which you can borrow from the assistants) or a Euro key to open:

  • Leopoldstraße 13, 3U11
  • Oettingenstraße 67, D 070
  • Main building, A 171
  • Schellingstraße 3, S 012A

In some of these toilets there are also mobile toilet lifts. You will need a sling to use these lifts. Please use your own sling as we cannot offer one for hygienic reasons.

If you have any questions, please contact our assistants at Disability Services.

The new workspace for the blind and visually impaired is located in the Philologicum (Ludwigstraße 25). Students with visual impairments can use this dedicated area for study-related work such as writing term papers or Internet-based research.


This workspace includes monitors, scanners and cameras that are designed for usage by individuals with visual impairments. They all meet the very latest standards.


In order to use this workspace, you'll require a short introduction so you know how to use the equipment. To do so please contact our assistants at Advisory Services. After the introduction, you can borrow a transponder for the day from the information desk at the University Library (UB), or the UB staff will unlock the room for you. The transponder must be returned to the information desk at the UB after you have finished using the workspace or at the end of the day.


This room can be reached through the main entrance of the Philologicum. Go straight on through the security scanners and left to the elevators.

A guidance system consisting of tactile paving surface indicators serves as orientation for students with visual impairments. The elevator takes you to the third floor, where the workspace for the blind and visually impaired is located in the room on the left (313).

In this new era of digital teaching, we offer a practical guide for students (PDF, 248 KB) containing support and useful information regarding barrier-free accessibility.

We have also created a corresponding practical guide for teaching staff (PDF, 217 KB). This, as well as other important information for teaching barrier free, can also be found in the protected access service portal.

Technical aids

Infrared stereo hearing aids

In 20 of our large LMU lecture halls, you will find powerful infrared stereo hearing aids. These enable students with hearing aids or cochlear implants (CI system) to enjoy improved and undisturbed sound quality through wireless infrared.

You can borrow receivers with induction loops, to which induction couplers or headphones can also be connected. These are available from our assistants at Disability Services (infrared stereo TV hearing systems: Sennheiser Set 830 S).

Infrared transmitters are located in the following lecture halls:

  • Main building:
    Audimax A 030
    large auditorium E 120
    lecture hall B 006
    lecture hall B 101
    lecture hall B 201
  • Theresienstraße 37-41:
    lecture hall A 010 (pre-fitted cabling for infrared available)
    lecture hall B 051
    lecture hall B 052
    lecture hall B 101 (pre-fitted cabling for infrared and Microport system)
  • Leopoldstraße 13:
    lecture hall 2 U01
  • Amalienstraße 73a:
    lecture hall 211
  • Lessingstraße 2:
    lecture hall 001
  • Prof.-Huber-Platz 2
    lecture hall V 002 in the vestibule building
    lecture hall V 005 in the vestibule building
  • Großhadern, house F (FCP):
    F0.001 (Buchner lecture hall)
    F0.002 (Liebig lecture hall)
    FU1.011 (Butenandt lecture hall)
    FU1.013 (Wieland lecture hall)
    FU1.015 (Willstätter lecture hall)
    FU1.017 (Baeyer lecture hall)

Induction loops

Induction loops are installed underneath the floors of some of our lecture halls. In these cases, you do not need a separate receiver. However, your hearing device should be able to receive transmission via induction (usually this is the so-called T-coil function on your hearing device). Please contact your acoustician if you have any questions.

Induction loops are installed in the following lecture halls:

  • Prof.-Huber-Platz 2 (lecture tower):
    lecture hall W 101,
    lecture hall W 201 and
    multifunctional hall W 401
  • Main building:
    Audimax A 030
  • Pettenkoferstraße 11:
    A 140 (large lecture hall),
    A 202 (small lecture hall) and
    A 317 (microscopy room)
  • Oettingenstraße 67:
    lecture hall B U101 and
    lecture hall B 001

Mobile FM systems

Students with hearing impairments can also loan out one of the eight sets of a new mobile radio hearing system. The mobile Comfort Digisystem Microphone Combo DM-30 and Microphone DM 10 enable barrier-free participation in smaller courses and discussion groups. These sets can be borrowed from our assistants at Disability Services.


The "MobileConnect" system by Sennheiser is a Wi-Fi based system for accessible hearing. The audio content is streamed in real time to your smartphone via an app.

"MobileConnect" is available in the following lecture halls:

  • Main building:
    lecture hall N 120 (large physics lecture hall)
  • Schellingstraße 4:
    lecture hall H 030

Technical aids on loan:

  • Braille display: Braillex EL 40c
  • Laptop with software for the blind and visually impaired: Jaws
    13.0 and ZoomText 9.1 (examination laptop)
  • Camera reading system: MagniLink S
  • Screen reader:
    VisioBook Version 1.3
  • Electronic autofocal video magnifier: Optelec 4 HD

These technical aids for students with visual impairments can be borrowed from our assistants at Disability Services.

  • Height-adjustable folding tables (accessible with a wheelchair)
  • Light, portable folding chairs
  • Mobile toilet lifters
  • Some LMU toilets are only accessible using a Euro key or a transponder (which can be borrowed from our assistants at Disability Services).

Students with a chronic or mental illness should contact our assistants at Disability Services, as your situation and needs may be quite particular and require an individual meeting.

Additional support

The quiet and service room is located at Schellingstraße 3 in room S 013 and is available to all students with disabilities and chronic illnesses. The room enjoys easy access via the courtyard (access between Schellingstraße 3 and 5) and via the entrance opposite the Philologicum or via the main entrance of Schellingstraße 3. From the main entrance the quiet room is located on the right-hand side on the ground floor (behind the stairs to the cafeteria).


  • Wi-Fi
  • Sockets
  • Refrigerator, e.g. for medicine
  • Microwave
  • Two steel cabinets
    with nine lockers (2 Euro coin required)
  • Rest and seating area
  • Kettle and coffee machine
    with cups and mugs

Assistants from Disability Services are available in this room during their working hours. They will help answer any questions you may have and show you how to use the technical equipment.

The quiet and service room is secured by a code lock. You can obtain the current code from our assistants by leaving your name, registration number and email address.

Parking spaces for people with disabilities are available:

  • Behind the main building in Amalienstraße
  • In Salinenhof behind the building at Ludwigstraße 27 (entrance Schellingstraße through the barrier)
  • In Südhof behind HS E006 (entrance is also on Schellingstraße, then go through building section E)
  • In the courtyard of Ludwigstraße 28–"vestibule building" (coming from Veterinärstraße)
  • There is also additional parking available in the various LMU underground parking lots
    beispielsweise in den Tiefgaragen der LMU
  • The barrier at Schellingstraße / Salinenhof is activated by means of a chip card (applications via the Hausverwaltung (Property Management))

You can obtain chips for parking spaces or access to the underground lots from Wolfgang Hoffmann and Julian Peschke.

Upon application, students with disabilities are exempted from the obligation to pay a semester ticket fee. This applies to students entitled to free transportation in accordance with SGB IX who present the supplement to their disability ID card that contains a corresponding, valid token.

Other exemptions are excluded.

The application must be submitted in time for the corresponding registration or enrollment date.

You will find the application form on the semester ticket page.

  • You can apply for having your care assistant or reading assistant financed by the state (e.g. for those with visual impairment or blindness) via your Local Social Welfare Office for the District of Upper Bavaria. The Vereinigung Integrationsförderung, Vlf, (Association for the Promotion of Integration) or the Verbund behinderter ArbeitgeberInnen, VbA, (Association of Disabled Employers) may also help you depending on your case (see other contacts).
  • Our assistants at Disability Services can also temporarily support you by reading and taking lecture notes. However, due to time constraints they cannot provide this service for all lectures.

If additional technical aids are required to assist you with your studies (e.g. sign language interpreters, sound recording devices for your university courses, computer peripheral devices for disabilities, visual enlargement devices, writing surfaces or desks for wheelchair users etc.), the Local Social Welfare Office for the District of Upper Bavaria is also there to support you as a central contact.

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