Video conferences and online learning

Use of Zoom

All LMU members are assigned a personal license (employees: EDU-Business licence for up to 300 participants, no time limit; students: EDU-Basic licence with a time-limit), which is automatically linked to the LMU user ID during login (Single Sign-On, SSO). We suggest to download the app ("Zoom Client") to use the service. The Zoom Client offers a number of functionalities that are not available when using Zoom within the browser.

SSO login

We urge you to always log in to Zoom with your LMU user ID. This is done via "Single Sign-On (SSO)." Zoom can be used either directly via the browser or the Zoom client.

Option 1: Direct access via the browser

To do this, go to lmu-munich.zoom.us and select "Sign-In or Login".

You will then be redirected to the LMU central login page and can conveniently log in with your LMU user ID.

Option 2: Access via client (login via "Sign In with SSO")

When you log in to a client for the first time, click on "Sign In". The URL is https://lmu-munich.zoom.us.

Next, do NOT click in the box with "Email" and "Password" but at the bottom center click on the little button with the key under it that says "SSO".

You will then be redirected to the LMU central login page and can log in with your LMU user ID or your LZR ID.

IMPORTANT: Please note, if you do not log in or log in without SSO, you will be assigned a (Basic) license outside the LMU quota. This normal, free Zoom license contains reduced functionality.

What are the advantages of registering via Single Sign-On (SSO)?

  • For security reasons, instructors can restrict access to an online event to people who have registered using an @LMU address. By registering, you make it easier for instructors to securely configure or conduct a meeting.
  • Registration via the SSO URL is also required when business licenses are automatically assigned to students.

Please note: If you have already set up a local Zoom account with your LMU email address, Zoom may send you emails that cannot be displayed correctly due to incorrect encoding in the LMU mailbox.

In this case, please switch to the LRZ webmail client (username here is your email address)

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