Study Abroad and International Students Advisory Board


The Advisory Board reports to the University Executive Board. Its tasks are

  • to evaluate and adjudicate applications for scholarships by international students registered at the University
  • to evaluate and adjudicate applications, submitted by German students and students who have been granted asylum, for scholarships to enable them to study abroad; and to make decisions or recommendations on matters relating to contacts with foreign universities, insofar as such matters are not exclusively reserved to the University Executive Board.


Maj-Catherine Botheroyd-Hobohm

International Office

Social Support for International Students, Grants, TutoRIA

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+49 89 2180-9727


  • Prof. Dr. Francesca Biagini (Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity)


  • Faculty 01: Prof. Dr. Gerd Häfner
  • Faculty 02: Prof. Loren T. Stuckenbruck, PhD.
  • Faculty 03: Prof. Dr. jur. Lars Klöhn, LL.M. (Havard)
  • Faculty 04: Prof. Dr. Andreas Richter
  • Faculty 05: Prof. Dr. Uwe Sunde
  • Faculty 07: Prof. Dr. med. Dr. sci. nat. Christoph Klein
  • Faculty 08: Prof. Dr. Hermann Ammer
  • Faculty 09: Prof. Dr. Martin Schulze Wessel
  • Faculty 10: Prof. Dr. Peter Adamson
  • Faculty 11: Prof. Dr. habil. Annette Leonhardt
  • Faculty 12: Prof. Dr. Evelyn Schulz
  • Faculty 13: Prof. Dr. Christof Decker
  • Faculty 15: Dr. Lars C. Colschen
  • Faculty 16: Prof. Dr. Christian Heumann
  • Faculty 17: Dr. Robert Helling
  • Faculty 18: Dr. Thomas Engel
  • Faculty 19: PD Dr. Lars Kunz
  • Faculty 20: Dr. Peter Hasdenteufel
  • Student Representative: to be appointed

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