Advice for prospective students

LMU offers an extensive range of subjects. And the Central Student Advisory Office will help you choose the right one for you. We provide a number of events and opportunities so you can receive advice and information.

Studying at LMU: 300+ opportunities

Certain that you want to study? But not sure which subject? LMU has a wide range of degree programs — one of them is bound to be the right one for you.

Most LMU degree programs are offered in German, but a growing number are available in English, too.

Finding your way at LMU — first steps

LMU Munich provides prospective students with a sneak preview of university life — long before the semester starts. As well as fact-finding events, the Central Student Advisory Office provides social support and heaps of information about studying. There's also special events for senior high school students and teaching staff.

Where to get help

For questions about studying and university life, reach out to the various offices listed here.

Important contacts

ABC Study Guide

Navigate your way through the university maze: This keyword list is a useful guide for prospective students.

ABC Guide for Prospective Students

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