Support and counseling

The Central Student Advisory Office offers a range of free and confidential counseling services for both prospective and current students.

Individual appointments for prospective and current students

Make an appointment: Study Information Service

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Are you new and don't know how to get started? Perhaps you are in the middle of your degree program and you're not sure if you're on the right track? Do you need help to sort through all the information you have collected and your own thoughts?

  • We are here for prospective and current students.
  • We offer individual consultations in person, by phone or video conference.
  • We can shed light on topics that might crop up during the entire student life cycle, no matter whether you are yet to start studying, right in the middle of it or just finishing your degree.

Call the Study Information Service to make an appointment or visit our Service Desk.

Special guidance and advice for

Vocationally qualified applicants can participate in any of our regular information sessions. Here, staff from the Central Student Advisory Office and the Office of the University Registrar provide information for applicants without the standard university entrance qualification and a vocational training or a master craftsman certificate instead.

Attending a consultation is a necessary part of the application process for university admissions for vocationally qualified applicants. Following an individual consultation, a confirmation is generated and forwarded internally. This is why it is vital to fill in your full name (if applicable your maiden name) and your date of birth in the online registration form.

All events are held in German. Upcoming dates can be found in the online registration form.

Studying with a child — is it even possible? Yes of course! We are here to help you.

Students with disabilities and chronic illnesses can take advantage of a wide range of activities and programs, designed to enable inclusion and active participation in everyday life. Get in touch with the Office for Disability Services.

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