Guide to applying for a double degree program

If you are an international applicant at your home university or part of the Erasmus Mundus consortium and have been put forward for a double degree program at LMU Munich, here are some things to be aware of.

LMU applications and admissions

The following applies to most double degree programs at LMU: Send your complete application to your LMU master's degree program coordinator who will then forward your documents to the International Admissions Office, together with a letter of acceptance.

1. Applying to the International Office

In order to study as a double degree student at LMU, you will first need to apply here for a place. Please send your application to the LMU International Office (deadline for applications for the summer semester: 15 January / for the winter semester: 15 July).

In order to register, you will need to meet all the general application prerequisites. You will also need to have completed and printed out the online application form.

You will need to submit the following documents when you register at the International Office (by post):

  • Completed application form (PDF, 622 KB)
  • All higher education / university certificates and diplomas and all transcripts of records
  • Registration and confirmation of programs previously studied at any other German university
  • Letter of admission for the master's degree program from the coordinator of the degree program (can be handed in later during registration)
  • Updated resume
  • Applicants from the PR China, India and Vietnam should submit the certificate from the Akademische Prüfstelle (APS) bei der Deutschen Botschaft.
  • Marriage certificate / official proof of change of name (if applicable)

In general, you will not need to evidence proficiency in German. Please ask your master's degree program coordinator whether any special regulations apply to your degree program with regard to the German language test.

Comprehensive information on admissions and registration can be found on the International Admissions website.

If you are due to receive an Erasmus+ grant for the duration of your stay at LMU, you will not need to submit a separate application for Erasmus+ at LMU.

2. Receiving an official letter of admission from the International Office

The letter of admission is an important official document which you will need to show the authorities, and which you will need in order to register at LMU. The International Office will send you the letter by email. Your grant will be valid, subject to acceptance by your LMU master's degree program coordinator.

3. Registering at the International Office

Once you have a letter of admission, you must register before the deadline. To register, please send all the documents listed on the letter of admission!

Coordinating office for double degree programs

Contact details can be found on the respective double degree program websites.

More Information

During your time studying at LMU, you will need to ensure you have sufficient health insurance. For more information, please see health and safety.

Your LMU coordinator will help you compile your study program and choose your respective courses. He or she is also responsible for assisting you if you need to sign an Erasmus+ Learning Agreement.

Here, the Munich Student Union (Studierendenwerk München) and private sponsors are responsible for assigning places in student housing. Exchange students can apply for student housing organized by Munich Student Union via the LMU International Office. However, only a small number of rooms are assigned to LMU, and many students are required to find their own accommodation. The International Office has compiled extensive information and advice to help you:

Housing for exchange students

General information on housing

Before the semester begins, LMU offers preparatory German language and orientation courses. These are held each year in March and September. The German courses are offered for all ability levels. Besides learning the German language, this course will also teach you a lot about studying at LMU, and is also a place where you can make your first friends. There is also an interesting supplementary program which introduces you to Munich and the surrounding area.

In the International Student Guide, you will find more information on studying at LMU and living in Munich.

On request, the International Office will team you up with a “buddy” to make life easier when you start studying at LMU. Buddies are themselves students here. They can give you practical advice and help out as you coordinate your stay in Munich — for example, if you have questions about studying here or about life in Munich.

  • More information is available here: LMU Buddy Program
  • If you would like to be teamed up with a buddy, please send us an email.

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