Profile of the Office of the University Registrar

The Office of the University Registrar is the central office responsible for all administrative matters on the status of approx. 52,000 students currently enrolled at LMU: admission procedures on restricted admission degree programs, registration and cancelation of registration incl. expulsion, continuation of registration, granting of leaves of absences, change of degree programs or program majors, maintenance of the student records and so much more. You will find our entire portfolio of services listed alphabetically in the ABC Study Guide.

By contrast, the respective Faculties and Examination Offices are your point of contact regarding the administration of coursework planned and completed as well as examination procedures. The Office of the University Registrar cooperates closely with them as well as with the Central Student Advisory Service which offers extensive counseling on all study-related issues, and the International Office which takes care of our prospective international students, international applicants and enrolled international students.

The Office of the University Registrar regards itself as a service provider and, therefore, strives to organize, in a manner that is as flexible and efficient as possible, the necessary and sometimes more intricate administrative processes within the framework of legal regulations and the availability of staff members:

Our Online-Portal makes it possible to easily complete anytime and anywhere the application forms for admission and registration; for example, it offers a number of self-service functions enabling you to inform us regarding a change of address, to verify your individual fee account or to print your registration certificate and confirmation of study.

A number of administrative processes, however, can only be made in writing and, therefore, cannot be made online; some even require you to come to the office in person. In these instances, your point of contact are our team members at the Office of the University Registrar. During Peak Periods, especially during the application period, the registration period as well as at the start of a new semester, we hire student workers to increase the number of staff members.

Telephone calls regarding all issues handled by the Office of the University Registrar are answered by team members of the Study-Information-Service (SIS). There, in keeping with our strict Data Protection Regulations, students who are currently registered at LMU Munich must first provide Proof of Identity prior to any information being released regarding personal data stored at the Office of the University Registrar.

Please note that, due to Data Protection Regulations, we do not respond to requests made by email.

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