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Busy studying — but what next? 100+ options, industries and new horizons to explore? You're certainly not alone. Let us help you start your career on the right foot. That's exactly what our network of experts spanning all industries is there to do.

I want to be ready for the job market

Personal advice on careers and getting you that first job

We advise LMU students, doctoral candidates and alumni on all things career. From personal career advice for students to finding you the right mentor, and enrolling you in our LMU alumni professional coaching program — we've got you covered.

Job portal; internships, student jobs, career entry

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I want to get to know potential employers

Excellent! The LMU Career Community

A good network is worth its weight in gold — but never more so than when hunting for an exciting, new job. We bring students, doctoral candidates, graduates, alumni, mentors and companies together through a variety of services and events.

Career opportunities in our career network

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Career mentoring: It takes two to tango

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What we offer employers

Advertise on our job portal, get to know students at our career events or become a career mentor yourself.

Our services for employers

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