Finding an internship abroad

An internship abroad is an enriching experience: Not only do you get your first insights into professional life, but it's a chance to apply all that knowledge from your studies and gain valuable, international experience. Here's a summary of some of the most important information as well as a number of info sheets on this very topic.

Basic requirements

  • Absolutely essential: good to very good knowledge of the relevant work language (tip: sometimes this isn't the national language but English or French, for example).
  • Advantageous: initial work experience / internships / work as a student trainee in Germany
  • The cherry on top: knowledge and skills beyond your studies. Just take a look at the LMU Career Services Course Program.

The most important questions at a glance

  • Basically, you can complete internships abroad at any time. So you should decide independently when the right time is for you to do so.
  • LMU Career Services recommends doing this after your third semester of studying. At this point, you have already acquired specialist knowledge from your studies and you may have even gained your first work experience in the form of part-time and/or student trainee work.

  • It depends on your preferences, studies and career goals.
  • According to LMU Career Services, countries such as Great Britain, the USA, France or Spain are very popular. So challenge yourself to go to (linguistically) "exotic" countries. Here, there is less competition for internships, and your experience will also stand out later in your resume. Often, the working language is still a world language like English or even German anyway.
  • Money factor: find out about general living expenses in your destination country. The web pages from the Deutsche Auslandshandelskammern (German Chambers of Commerce Abroad) often provide useful information.

The type of place for your internship

What's the goal of your internship? Which industry do you want to get to know (better)? Do you want to do research on site? Depending on your answer to these questions there are different placements to consider: Maybe a company is best for you, a public institution, an NGO, or a research institute.

  • Prepare as early as possible to put those wheels in motion. The process begins with improving your language skills. Some companies even start selecting interns one year in advance.
  • LMU Career Services recommends six to eight months for your search. This gives you enough time to search and apply for most job postings without pressure.
  • A ray of hope for spontaneous students: There are also companies that fill internship positions at very short notice, e.g. one to two months before the internship begins.

Directly via...

  • ...Internet research: job and internship portals for internships abroad such as the LMU Career Services' Job and Internship Portal.
  • ...internship reports from LMU students. You can find many more, interesting reports on the Internet.
  • ...a spontaneous application to your place of choice. Internships aren't always advertised!
  • ...establishing a good network can only help you! Talk to acquaintances, friends, professors, relatives, or even colleagues at your job as a student trainee about your plans.
  • networks

Professional placements

  • There are agencies that arrange internships.
  • Disadvantage: This may be pretty expensive.
  • Use the quality check compiled by the Paths to Abroad working group to make sure that the agency you've chosen has a good reputation.

Pay attention: Every country has its own, specific forms of application!

  • Find out exactly how to apply by referring to the relevant company's website.
  • The LMU Language Center offers helpful information for job applications in English-speaking countries as part of their Jobline project.


  • For your internship you need health insurance abroad, personal liability- and accident insurance.
  • For example, the DAAD offers such coverage with its insurance package for internships ("Praktikanten" tariff; tariff 720) for 32 euros per month.


Info sheets (in German)

LMU Career Services' info sheet: Everything you need to know when considering, searching and applying for an internship abroad.

Your guide to an internship abroad (PDF, 13,679 KB)

LMU Career Services' short checklist for internships abroad:

Checklist for your internship abroad (PDF, 66 KB)

Ready, steady, go abroad: your path to a foreign internship (PDF, 9,971 KB)

  • Why an internship abroad?
  • Looking for an internship abroad (incl. supporting organizations)
  • Preparation, financing and follow-up

Find comprehensive and helpful information on the working group's website "Paths to Abroad".

Information and advice

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