LMU's cultural partners introduce themselves: Students not only enjoy a varied programme but also permanently reduced admission prices.

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2:20 Min. | 26 Jul 2021

Harry Klein

The Harry Klein Club is 17 years old and, despite the current pandemic, it continues to supply the sitting rooms of its fans with their favorite electronic music. As Munich’s best-known electro club, we have a reputation to maintain. So we would like to thank LMU for inviting us to provide a program of electroculture via Livestream for the reception for the new intake of first-year students.

Scene from „Priscila - Königin der Wüste“


The Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz is the theater with the widest repertory in Munich. We have lots of exciting productions on offer, which shouldn’t be missed! Variety is the spice of life, and we have something for every taste – musicals, operas, operettas, dance and concerts! You’ll find us on Munich’s loveliest square, the perfect place for a sundowner after a long day.

Special offers for students

Kunsthalle München

Each year, the Kunsthalle München presents three exhibitions on diverse themes. The spectrum ranges from prehistory and early history to the present. In these shows, examples of painting, sculpture, photography and design from around the world are displayed to best advantage.

Special offer for students

Münchner Philharmoniker

The Munich Philharmonic is the city’s orchestra. In the Isarphilharmonie, the new concert hall at the Gasteig HP8 in Sendling, the orchestra gives classical symphony concerts, as well as presenting music in less traditional formats. Students can avail of generous price reductions and an exclusive University Concert once a year.

Special offers for students


The Residenztheater is home to an ensemble of more than 50 players and is one of the largest theaters in Germany. Its repertoire focuses on modern interpretations, with contemporary adaptations of classical dramas and new works.

Special offers for students

Theaterakademie August Everding

The Theaterakademie August Everding is Germany’s school of drama and stagecraft, and as a professional theater that is dedicated to teaching and practical training, it is quite unique. Here the dramatic arts are taught by staging plays.


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